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long sharp nail scratching hard with bleeding marks

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The Drain is Not for Oil

My son decided to cook dinner one day and in the process he clogged up the drain in the kitchen sink. He fried chicken and poured the leftover oil down the drain. I told him before not to do it, but he did it anyway. He tried to unclog the drain on his own, but nothing worked. The only solution was to call for drain cleaning in Rockland County NY, and since my son was the one who clogged the drain, I made him pay for it. He wasn’t happy to hear that, but someone had to take responsibility for his actions, and it wasn’t going to be me.

A plumbing company was able to unclog the drain in only a few minutes. My son handed over the money to pay for the work. He had been saving that money for a while to buy a new video game system, but now he has to save up again. He doesn’t have a job, but he does do work around the neighborhood for other people. Most of the time he cuts other people’s lawns, cleans their gutters, and trims their hedges. He’s also gotten some other work, like painting homes and cleaning garages.

My son will get over his money loss eventually, but for now, he’s still miffed about it. By the time he finally saves up that money again, he’ll feel even better, because he would have worked hard for it and learned that whenever someone gives him instructions, he should always follow them. If he plays his cards right, he might forget about the video game system and put his money to something more useful. A person his age investing in the stock market could make a lot of money, more than he would be making by cutting lawns and trimming hedges.

Creating More Energy with Colors

In my rebellious teenage years, I had the urge to paint my room black, but my parents wouldn’t allow it. When I finally got my own home, I painted my room, but after a while I realized that black wasn’t the best color for a bedroom. There’s something about the black color that makes me really sleepy. This may seem like a good thing when you’re trying to sleep i your bed, but when you’re trying to stay awake in the middle of the day, it’s bad. I called a painter in Bergen County NJ to give the room a color that would be more uplifting.

White is too much of a bland color, and so is anything that is close to it. I’d have just as much trouble staring at a white background all day as I would with a black one. I looked at every color on the color wheel, and some of them just seemed too tacky for a room. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that my room needed to have a combination of white, blue, and yellow. On their own, these colors would do nothing for me, but when combined, they can create a sky.

The daytime sky is the perfect thing to keep me awake during the day, which is where the colors come into play. The blue acts as the sky, while the white acts as the clouds, and the yellow takes the roll of the sun. I had the painter paint the entire room light blue first, then had him add white clouds and a yellow circle on the wall. He thought I was having the sky pattern made for a kids room, but I told hm that it was only for me. There’s no reason kids should have all the fun of a sky bedroom.

A Company That Takes Care of Its Customers

When my brother offered to help me with a dead tree, I was happy that I was going to be able to save money since I wouldn’t have to pay him to help me. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way though, because he actually fell out of the tree within the first five minutes. He didn’t get hurt, but it made both of us realize that we were in over our heads. I went to my computer and did a search for a tree service in Queens County, NY that would be able to help get the dead tree out of my yard without charging an arm and a leg.

It did not take me long to find the company that we decided to use. I really liked that their prices were so low, but I also appreciated much more about them too. I liked that they take pride in their safety record. After seeing my brother fall nearly ten feet from a tree and walk away with just a few scratches, it made me realize that this really is something best left for people who have the proper safety equipment to make sure that no one gets hurt. Even if one of them falls while up in the tree, their harness will protect them.

It made it a lot easier to hire them too because they were not expensive at all. I received quotes from a couple other companies, and they had the lowest bid. Even if they hadn’t, I would have still went with them because I just had a good vibe with them, but it did help that they were low! It did not take them long to get the tree removed, including the stump, and they even cleaned up everything too, which surprised me. This is a company that really knows how to take care of its customers!

Met a Great Girl the Other Night

I wish I could remember what I did with this girl’s number or figure out how I lost it. I was at a little party at this apartment in Water Ford Creek, which is a Charlotte neighborhood. At any rate I showed up alone and planned on showing the flag and then hauling away pretty quickly. I changed my mind pretty quickly when I realized that pretty much no other single guys had shown up. There were two couples, me, this guy who was not interested in girls and about half a dozen single girls who were friends with Shayla from work. I would guess that the other guys who were invited thought it would be really boring, which was what I was thinking. I was planning to show up and be seen, then haul my butt out of there as soon as it was practical. Of course Shayla might end up being my boss and so I am not going to offend her if I can avoid it.

At any rate I was doing my best to be clever, which got a lot easier after this girl had a couple of glasses of red wine. I know she gave me here number and I know that I put it in my pocket. She wrote it down on a business card and I know that I put it in my pocket. I am not sure what happened to it after that, but I have cleaned out my apartment and my car looking for it. I have an idea that it might have fallen out of my pocket when I was getting out of my car. I remember that I had some stuff in the trunk of the car and I am thinking that it might have fallen out of my pocket then.

My First Mishap Turned out to Be Okay

My husband was away for military duty, and it had been a nerve-racking time for me. He had been the one that handled all the little emergencies in the house, and I felt so inadequate. He was away in the field and I was unable to call him most of the time, so everything was up to me. I recently called for sewer cleaning in Bronx NY when I learned that I could not fix my troubles on my own.

Not long after he left, my kids came in to tell me that the shower was overflowing. We have a shower stall, not a full tub. So the wall that weeks water inside the stall is only about 4 inches high. When I rushed down the hallway to look, I saw water coming out from under the bathroom door and seeping into our carpet in the hall. I told the kids to rush to get some buckets so that we could empty out the stall.

Afterward, I used some drain cleaner that was left over under the bathroom sink. I had seen my husband use it before, and I was hoping that it would help me now. I poured it down the drain and then waited as per the instructions. Later, when I went back in to check on it, I could see the drain cleaner just sitting down in the drain. It was not going down at all. I even got online to try to see if I could find a page that would tell me what to do, but I had no luck.

So, I gave in and called a company that was located in our neighborhood to come help me. They came over in just minutes and fixed the problem. It was a simple fix and they were in and out within a half hour.

The Insanity of a Canadian Goose

Some animals, even when they’re wild, are able to be controlled easily. Some are frightful enough of human activity and humans themselves that they rather bolt away in fear rather than stick around long enough to find out exactly what a human might be up to. This is not the case with your average Canadian Goose! I’d never suspected that a Canadian Goose could be a violent animal until I started working in Canada Geese control in NJ in order to help a local retirement home to rid themselves of these apparently insane animals who have absolutely no fear of humans or even other animals. I watched one of these winged terrors launch itself bodily at a landscaper who was actually on his lawnmower. Unfortunately for the Goose, it didn’t end well. I’m sure you can imagine what sort of bloody aftermath was left behind after that. It’s why we were called in for ‘pest’ control.

They had been attacking the landscapers for several weeks by the time that we got there and were asked to survey the situation. At first we could only glance at one another in absolute bemusement at the thought of killer Geese. We setup shop to watch the comings and goings of the animals to better understand their behavior patterns. It’s then that we saw multiple attacks on humans. Whether it was the elderly who were only walking by the pond, a jogger with their dog or the landscapers themselves it seemed as if a handful of the male Geese were viciously territorial. They would attack no matter how large the opponent or even if they were outnumbered. We suspected they had nests but were unable to find a single egg which only cemented the fact that they are clearly insane to attack grown humans.

Making Money from My Home Movies

I have always liked to take a lot of video and photos of my life and my pets and family. I then started having people contact me wanting to use them in shows. I always ask if there is any compensation and decline if there isn’t. Most say there isn’t but will then offer something when I say I wont do it otherwise. I use a receipt template to make invoices for the amount. I also make sure I never let them have exclusive rights so that I can keep using and selling the media myself. One time though I did let them have exclusive for more pay but only for a limited time then it was free for me to use it again.

I never know for sure what people will want to see so I film most everything. I also monetize my video channels online with ads and that makes me some money from views. It’s not to worth it to try and fight or buy views. Just post as you normally would and hope for the views. If something sparks interest it will get shared around naturally. Sometimes if someone is looking for something specific they will find you. That’s why trying to have rarer content helps. Don’t always try for something popular because the competition will bury you easily unless you really stand out.

Everyone does dogs and kittens so film an exotic pet instead. If you do a good job reviews of items can really help. Everyone wants to see how that expensive camera or phone works before buying. So film a review of all your gadgets and anything you might want to see a review on before buying, even bed sheets or lamps and step ladders. Keep it creative and fun so people will be engaged.

Cheap Price for Sidewalk Contracting

I need to get a sidewalk constructed in the front part of my property, to go along with codes in the area. I am going to have to pay for it myself, which is not what I was expecting, but I guess I don’t have much of a choice about it. So, to that end, I am checking into local sidewalk contractors in Bronx NY and I want to find the contractor that will give me the lowest quote for the job.

I already measured out the amount of area that will need to be filled with concrete, in terms of its dimensions, and so that should be enough information to get a quote for the price. I already excavated the area for the sidewalk as well, because I think that will cut down on what it is going to cost for the concrete work.

If I could do the rest of the work myself, I would do it, but I want it to look nice and I think it is something that would be best left to a contractor. Plus, this way, if they mess it up, then they can fix it. But if I do it, and I mess it up, then it would be on me to fix it, and I don’t really want to go through anything like that, or to even risk it actually.

Plus, I have a bad back and the idea of hauling around wheelbarrows full of cement is not something that sounds fun to me. It is a two person job, at the least, and if I were to try to do it, then I would be on my own. No that would not work out at all, and I am definitely going to hire someone to pour the sidewalk for my front yard.

The Best Match for Your Loved Ones

Senior home care in Nassau County is one of the many ways by which the elderly can receive an appropriate health care even while they’re in their own homes. This will help the elderly to remain independent but secured with a professional health care provider, personal aide or companion. House care can be made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With more and more people are living longer lives which is great but — the key is to stay healthy to a certain extent. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. As we get older, we realize we need help. Family members, of course, are the first choice to lend a helping hand.

Depending on how ill the person is, a family member isn’t always the perfect choice for home care either. House care services can be provided by organizations who match up the elderly adults with their care giver and the type of service schedule they require. For instance, an individual may require it only on a part-time or intermittent basis. Services can be paid through programs such as long-term care insurance or through Veterans Administration benefits and private funds.

Some of the services offered when it comes to house care include, but are not limited to, assistance with personal care and daily living activities, transportation to and from appointments or other activities and assistance with medication and other health monitoring activities. When you are hiring home care services, make sure to check first with the organization regarding their screening process. You will want to know if they do extensive background checks of their employees and if they undergo alcohol or drug tests. It is also important to note their absence policy so you will know whether you have a reliable home care provider. More than anything, it’s important to pick the best match for your loved ones!

Cheap Roof Repair in NYC

I think that it is time to have the roof on my house repaired. There are a lot of the areas of the roof that do not look very good. I do not know of ay leaks in the roof, but at the same time, it would not really surprise me to learn that there are some small leaks. I have been talking with a company that does roof repair in Brooklyn NY and I hope to get it done in the near future.

Even though I don’t want to spend the money for this right now, it makes a good bit of sense for me to go ahead and get it done, as opposed to waiting any longer for the repairs. Because if I wait much longer, there is a chance that it could get even worse, and thereby cost me even more money to fix. Right now, I do not think that there is any water damage that has been done to the underlying structure of the roof, due to the problems with the roof.

But there is no telling if that will continue to be case. In fact, I would not really be surprised if the roof started leaking tomorrow, if we were to have a big storm. There aren’t any storms in the forecast, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t rain. I am really frustrated with having to spend this money, because I was in the process of saving up money to spend on a family vacation. But if this costs as much as I think it might, then there is a high chance that we are going to have to push back the family trip until a later date, so that I will be able to save up some more money to pay for it.

Started Working on the Web Page

The boss and I have just now started working on the web page. The problem is that he is not really making up his mind about what he wants it to do. We are going to talk to this place called this morning and he was changing his mind every time you turned around. Of course the guy who does the web design is trying to give him what he wants, but he can not figure it out. One moment he says he wants one thing and then a little later he says something totally different. Obviously he needs to sit down and think it out all of the way through. At the moment all that he is doing is causing a whole lot of confusion and it is totally unnecessary. Of course it does no good to confuse the guy you are paying to do a job. You need to give them a clear direction.

It is easy to mess things up when you do not have the right oversight. You waste a bunch of time and money when you make the guy you are paying confused about what he is supposed to do. Of course he knows we want a web page, but the boss keeps going back and forth between the specific details of what he wants. Some of what he is asking for seems to be a bit impractical to my thinking, because it seems like he is looking to create a bloated user experience. Instead of being lean and fast and efficient it is going to be a bloated corpse. You have to figure out what makes sense and what will work in the real world. Adding a lot of unnecessary features seems like a bit waste of time to my way of thinking.

Find a Plumber That You Trust

Finding a good plumber is not as easy as it once was. Once upon a time reputation was everything and you would hear about the best plumbers because your friends or family would recommend them. Those days are gone, and with agressive advertising some of the little guys have gotten taken out of business even though they were the best. So hiring a plumber in essex county NJ has gotten quite a bit harder. I mean sure, you can hire just about anyone that has a plumbing license but the truth of the matter is that can you really trust them to work on one of the most expensive parts of your home without ripping you off. They could easily tell you that something else was broken and that it needed replaced immediately even if it did not. You need a plumber that you can trust and rely on at all times.

Having a plumber that has worked with you before and is a good plumber is a pretty great feeling. They generally speaking already know about your house and its insides and outsides. They will be able to give you a good rate and you get that great satisfaction in knowing that you were not ripped off. That’s one of the best things that you can get from a plumber. Knowing that he has your best interest in mind when he does things is pretty important. I know that I trust my plumber without a doubt and if he makes a recommendation to me I don’t even second guess him or call in a second opinion. I know that he needs my business too much to lie to me or try to cheat me on my bill. Having that power over a plumber is great and I recommend you find one that you can trust.

Custom Showers Are the Way to Go

When building a bathroom a lot of people just go for the premade showers that have a door and everything already there. They are usually made out of some type of plastic or other ceramic material that just does not look good. You want your bathroom to look good, otherwise why would you be re-doing it in the first place. So if you want it to look good you have to build a custom shower which involves a custom door. So if you’re looking for shower doors in union county NJ then don’t fret because there are plenty of companies around that can offer you the doors that you need. They have many pre-made designs that you can choose from or you can attempt to have them create your own design if you want that to be done. It will cost a little more but it may look better in the end.

Trust me when I tell you that it’s worth whatever you have to pay. Putting something that is pre made into your bathroom is one of the worst things that you can do. It almost entirely defeats the purpose of redoing the bathroom. I mean they are generally a white color that stains easily and ends up looking really bad. Not to mention the fact that they die after only a few years. I mean when I re do my bathroom I expect it to last me at the very least ten years. I don’t know about you but a bathroom only lasting one or two years is really bad in my opinion. Nobody likes to have to redo construction every few years. It is very costy and inhibits your use of the bathroom for a few weeks while the work is be done. So save yourself time and money later and just go custom.

My Dad’s House Was Vandalized

When my dad’s house was vandalized, he was devastated. He has lived in the same house for nearly 50 years, and it was the first time any type of crime had touched it. We are guessing it was kids who took spray paint and wrote horrible names over a good bit of the lower portion of the house. His insurance did cover the cost of fixing it, and we decided to hire a company that does house painting in Morris County NJ. He had been talking about having his house painted for a few years now, and this seemed the perfect time to go ahead and have it done.

We found a great company to do this, mainly because a few of his friends had used the same company. Their houses is what made Dad start talking about having his own home painted, so he called the contractor that did their houses. He came out and was shocked at what people had done to Dad’s house. He promised us that he would not only have the hateful graffiti removed in no time but he would also have the entire house painted in the same week.

He and Dad talked over the details, and they were both happy with what they worked out. The work started the very next day, and every bit of hatefulness was removed. In its place, the exterior walls were painted a gorgeous yellow color. The contractor kept his word, and the house was done even before it was scheduled to be finished. Dad also had a security system installed so we would know who it was if the house was vandalized again. That was a couple of years ago, and his house still looks beautiful! He also feels much safer knowing that his security system is there too!

Remote Backup is Easier to Handle Than an Onsite Server

I have been a business owner for many years, and I have learned that no matter how many times you tell them to not do certain things when it comes to their computers or network, one or more of them will ignore you and do what they want on the sly anyway. As a result, any company that does not have the proper server backup plan in place can find themselves in big trouble when someone does not follow rules and causes important data loss that can affect your bottom line by thousands of dollars.

I often check with my IT manager to make sure that he has things covered. He is a top-notch employee with a lot of tech experience and I pay him well tomake sure that we are protected at all times.

Recently, he came to me with a plan to upgrade how he does backups. We have an older server that handles the job for us, but he felt it was time to either get a new one or have all of our data backed up remotely through a business that handles this.

Knowing that a new server could costs me thousands of dollars and would cost me a lot of overtime pay so that he could get one set up, I opted to have it done remotely. He would still be able to login from anywhere to access all of our data. We could grow or decrease the space we needed any time we wanted to. And best of all, if he ran into any trouble and had questions, there would be experienced employees who could be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays. Getting everything handled was pretty easy to do and did not take a lot of learning on his part, which means his time was freed up to work on other important things instead.

Hair Gone Today, Regrown by Tomorrow

Marine Algae Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment/Hair StraightenerWhen I started losing my hair at eighteen, I began to save money. I accepted the fact that hair loss was going to happen as calmly as possible – granted, I didn’t care too much about dating or anything but I knew that I was going to have to do something to ensure that I wouldn’t lose it all. Hair, as a man, is too important; in the eyes of other men you’re seen as weak, as less than a man who has a full head of hair. I began to read on the best hair treatment in Singapore – a long way from my humble home in Ohio but everything that I had researched on the subject seemed to lead to Singapore. I can’t say what it is about Singapore which has lead them to develop the best in hair treatment for men but I am more than willing to pay the price.

Now at twenty-three, I have already had several treatments. At twenty-two, all of my hair was gone. Completely bald without me having to even touch a razor but now I’ve already regrown what has been lost. It’s thicker. It’s lusher. It doesn’t even look like the hair that I started out with but wow, it looks good. I never thought see these kinds of results – I honestly just wanted to be able to have enough hair not to have a comb over or any bald spots. Now with my final treatment under me, I feel safe in saying that I won’t have to worry about losing my hair ever again. It really does work. It’s definitely cutting edge science in the area of hair regrowth. If you have baldness yourself and nothing else has worked for you, start looking into what those guys in Singapore are doing.

How Do You Get Bigger?

So I am looking at this ad for something called 1285 muscle and when I look up the stuff on the Internet I find out that it does not appear to be a very solid idea of what it does. All of the source material I see is probably paid adverts and I have no way to know if it is any good at what it claims to do. I am looking for something that does pretty much what it claims to do, meaning that I want something legal and safe that works pretty much the way that performance enhancing drugs work. Obviously that is a bit much to ask, but I am really skinny and I would like to be a good bit bigger and look good for girls when I go to the beach. I live about half a mile from the pier at Huntington Beach CA. So obviously that is where you go when you want something to do. You look at girls and the idea is to talk to them as well, although I am not going that great at figuring out how to do that myself.

I think I would be more confident if I thought that girls wanted to look at me or at least did not think I was a skinny kid when they did see me. I do not want to look like one of those freaky looking body builders you see working out though. I am quite sure that most girls find that weird and disturbing. At least I know that I do and if I see one of those girls that does that stuff I do not want to go up and ask her out to a movie. I am sure that some girls must like it or they would probably stop.

Stopping Outbreaks of Herpes Virus

YouTube al servicio de su empresaI have had Herpes for a few months now, and I am just not experiencing my second outbreak. It is pretty painful, and even though this is only the second outbreak that I have ever had in my life, I am already getting tired of being infected with this STD. I wish there was a herpes cure, or at the least, a way to keep outbreaks from happening in the future. I would not mind having Herpes so much, if it were not for the outbreaks. I know that when the virus is not causing outbreaks, it tends to lie dormant in your nerve cells. I am not sure why it does that, or how it is able to just stay in there, and not do anything.

However, I would not care if it stayed dormant in my body and did not cause any sort of problems for me. That would be great, actually, when compared with my current situation. I doubt that I will get lucky enough to find a medication that completely eliminates future outbreaks, but it seems likely that there are medications on the market, which should cut down on the frequency of them. In fact, if I remember correctly, it was probably 10 years ago when I remember hearing about such a medication.

I do not think that I have seen a commercial for a medication that does that since then. I do not know what the lack of advertisements means though. So, I guess my best bet would just be to do some research, and see what treatment options exist, and which treatment methods have proven effective in reducing the frequency of outbreaks. Those would be the treatment methods that I am most interested in pursuing, as I really hate these outbreaks more than pretty much anything.

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What You Need to Know About Getting Life Insurance

It is important to provide for one’s family under all circumstances. We rarely think of needing life insurance, but if you think about it, sooner or later it would be helpful to every single person on the planet. Well, not them, but the people they leave behind would appreciate it. I needed to learn all about life insurance to not get sucked into some policy that I could not afford or did not need.

I can think of the typical insurance salesman scenario. A young couple talks about their insurance needs with the rep. They up the amount of insurance they want to an insane amount. Then they add all kinds of other products to the policy. Their monthly premium is so high that they only pay it for a couple of months before canceling. If they instead took the time to learn all about life insurance, they would know how much they should be insured for and not buy a nickel more of coverage.

We needed to be insured for the amount of our mortgage plus lost income up to retirement age and the costs for raising the children that the loss of one income would not cover. It is not about setting up your family for Easy Street if something happens, it is about paying real life expenses if something happens. The debt should be managed for the one income that is lost. If you want to add a bit to get out from under any loans or car payments, that might be okay if it does not jack up the premium too high.

Also, term life insurance is usually the best option. You are just paying for insurance and not other products. You should lower the amount of term coverage as you pay of things like your mortgage over the years, and as you build up your retirement income as the years go by. As you get in a better financial position, you need less insurance.

Cooking is Much Easier Now

I love making home made french fries. I know that it is not the healthiest food choice, but it is one of the tastiest things that I make for my family. I used to just use a deep cast iron skillet to make them, but it was a pain to always empty the grease back into a container. It also splattered everywhere because I did not have a basket either. My husband asked me to look at some deep fryers reviews online and figure out which one would be the best for our family.

He knew that it would not only make it easier on me when I wanted to have homemade french fries as part of our dinner, but it would be safer overall too. I went to a site that has reviews of different models, and I was able to compare the pros and cons of the different ones there. The only thing I wanted to make it in it were basic foods like fries, and perhaps even chicken or fish at times. I did not need to have a complicated one for such simple meals, which is why I chose the CoolDaddy deep fryer.

It is very simple, and the reviews were all outstanding. People who have used this particular model have noted how easy it is to use to make food and also how easy it is to clean afterwards. It has a very sturdy basket that will make it so much easier to get the food in and out of the oil. The filter will also prevent that heavy grease smell from lingering in the kitchen even hours after I have made something. I just wish I would have gotten this a long time ago, because it really has made cooking so much easier for me now!

The Effectiveness of Adipex 37.5 mg in Ridding yourself of Excess Weight

“Adipex” –  is one of those pills used to aid someone shed weight and Adipex 37.5 mg –  is one of its known brand names.This pill is categorized under the class of amphetamine and phenethylamine but is definitely not amphetamine yet a suppressant of the appetite to deal with cases of obesity.There is not one other pill as efficient as Adipex 37.5 mg in terms of weight reduction.This is perfect in curbing one’s appetite for food, increasing body energy, as well as helping people to shed extra body weight efficiently.The diet pill Adipex 37.5 mg has been available for a few years however, a prescription is needed before purchasing it.It’s a weight loss aid and can be perfect for some individuals to make use of it along with regular workout and a good diet. The way Assess Great Deal More

Boutique Apartments on Short Term Lease

Finding the best deals on JJH boutique apartments for short term lease is my priority at the moment, because I am going to have to spend a few months in Singapore, and I was not really expecting for this to happen. But I don’t really have a choice about it, and so I will try to make the most of my stay. I have never been to Singapore before, but I do not know how much time I will have to spare to put towards sight seeing. Hopefully I can do a good bit of it, but I kind of doubt it, because the reason that I am going to have to stay in Singapore for a month or two, is that I have an assignment by my work, that I have to complete.

We are having some problems with a company that we work with, or rather, that we have an important contract with, and right now, one of the biggest priorities in the entire company, is to have this sorted out, because it is costing a lot of money. In fact, it is costing us money every single day, and that is why I am so annoyed with this situation. I mean, it is not taking money out of my pocket, but it makes me look bad, because I am kind of in charge of this contract. So it reflects poorly on me and hopefully it will not hurt my chances for getting promoted in the company going forward. I just want to go to Singapore, get it taken care of, and then to fly back in the shortest period of time, but I know it will take at least a month. If it lasts much more than that, then I will be quite annoyed, but not much I can do.

The Kitchen Sink of Horror

I am not an organized man. I’m not much of a clean guy, either. The one place in my apartment that I have managed to keep clean since moving in is my bathroom. My intolerance for cleaning might seem absurd but the very thought of delving into that dark world where billions of bacteria teem with a strange molecular life of their own is more than enough to keep me from a mop or the kitchen sink. To this end I’ve been forced to hire apartment cleaning in Westchester County NY to fill the niche that I am utterly failing at.

I’m okay with it. There’s no shame in admitting a fault and even if I do try to approach a problem logically, I understand that this problem of mine is not wholly logical. It could be a symptom of a phobia toward germs – who knows. I don’t mind using the public restrooms. The idea of touching strangers doesn’t appeal to me but it hardly disgusts me. I don’t panic when someone near me sneezes or coughs. I really do think that my phobia, if there is one, is almost exclusively associated with the kitchen sink. It is an awful place.

There is just so much that happens in it. So much food byproduct has gone into that stainless steel tub sitting there in the middle of our kitchen. When I had more time I used to be able to clean a dish as I used it but with my time being more constrained due to a recent project, I had begun leaving dishes in the sink overnight. That turned into a few days. Which turned into weeks. It became a place that I would not wish for anyone to reach into but it had to be done and I am only thankful that it was not me.